Quantum Center 816

0764fce762 4018d21a51CConfiguration 2 way bass reflex, double bass
Impedance 4-8 Ohms
Equipment 2 x 170 mm (6.5″) woofer-midrange
25 mm (1″) dome-tweeter
Power handling RMS / max. 140/220 Watts
Dimensions (W x L x D) 550 x 208 x 295 mm
Cabinet surface Piano Black, Piano White, Piano Palisander
Woofer & Midrange:
Airflow-optimized, non-magnetic aluminium die-cast baskets to prevent turbulence and resonance effects
Shielded magnetic circuits with optimized stray field
Ventilated high-performance voice-coils ensure a high degree of operational reliability
Ceramic/aluminium cones for best reproduction quality
fmax tweeter with increased frequency range
Shielded magnetic circuit with optimized stray field
Precision fabric cone coated with ceramic particles
Front dome-ventilation to minimize distortions at high levels
Solid aluminium flange with optimized acoustic transmission
Slim, elegant construction with noble highgloss finish
Very solid construction using MDF panels and elaborated struttings
Additional bracing to support the chassis unit to avoid self-resonances
Airflex ports with generously dimensioned opening for optimum bass loading
Detachable grill with noble metal applications and invisible magnetic fixing
Solid base plate with big aluminium/rubber resonance absorbers
Big aluminium/rubber resonance absorbers
Elaborated phase and amplitude optimized crossover with selected high-quality components
High-quality interior cabling by Oehlbach®
Large terminal panel with solid and encapsulated connectors to accommodate the use of high-quality heavy gauge cables
Bi-wiring/Bi-amping option