Cinema Ultra SUB 300-THX

Cinema Ultra SUB 300-THX

18 hertz and no end of acoustic pressure Certified by THX®

The Cinema Ultra Sub 300-THX subwoofer also amazed the THX engineers: It is the smallest woofer so far to have been awarded THX Ultra2™ certification. Here, too, the basis for the record is the very latest technology. The 32 cm high-performance driver is optimised for a large stroke and minimal distortions. For power right from the bottom – the Cinema Ultra Sub 300-THX goes all the way down to 18 Hertz! – the subwoofer is supported by two passive radiators of the same size and appearance. Together with the newly developed 550 watt Class D power amp, they are located in a compact, extremely sturdy enclosure where the baffle alone, made of 45 mm thick MDF, effectively suppresses a lot of vibrations.

THX Ultra2-certified active high-performance subwoofer
Dual passive radiator
320 mm Woofer
2 x 320 mm passive radiator
Output power (RMS / Max.)
550 / 1100 watts
Frequency Response
18 – 200Hz
Crossover Frequencies
THX: without filtering Line-Modus: 40-180 Hz
0° to 180° continuously variable
Dimensions (WxHxD)
468 x 461 x 460 mm
468 x 461 x 478 mm (incl. amplifier)
32,5 kg
Cabinet surface
Front: black silk matt / body: textured film – anthracite

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