Magnat Magnasphere 55


Wireless high-end speaker system Hier geht es zur neuen Magnasphere SeiteWireless high-end multi-room has a name: Magnat Magnasphere! The fully active stereo speaker components, which come with a separate transmitter unit, are equipped with a digital wireless system that is completely resistant to interference. Furthermore, the components have also been designed to generate an authentic and audiophile acoustic performance. In addition to the innovative technology used, the focus is naturally also on a system that is easy to operate and has a stylish visual appearance: With its silk matt lacquered surfaces, the elegant housing really stands out.

Digital high-end wireless transmission

The audio signals are transmitted to the speakers in a completely stable and reliable manner. Three selectable frequency bands (2.4 GHz, 5.2 GHz and 5.8 GHz) guarantee maximum transmission stability. For maximum flexibility, the transmitter module also features Bluetooth connectivity. In order to enable a high quality signal here, the Magnasphere components offer full Qualcomm aptX compatibility, thereby ensuring audio signals are transmitted via Bluetooth in CD quality. The multi-zone functionality of the Magnasphere series supports up to three speaker zones.

Flexible and versatile

In addition to Bluetooth compatibility, the TX11 Magnasphere transmitter can also be connected directly to a PC via USB. The Magnasphere component then functions as an external sound card and caters for the elaborate internal D/A conversion process. This completely bypasses the audio components in a computer and notebook, which are often weak in comparison. In addition, two optical digital inputs are also integrated, which, like all digital inputs, enable sampling rates of up to 24bit/96kHz to be processed. Stereo analog inputs for RCA and 3.5 mm jacks are also present.

Enormous acoustic performance

The Magnasphere speakers accommodate powerful class-D amplifiers, which are subdivided into individual modules for the bass and mid/treble range, thereby ensuring extremely precise control. The DSP-controlled digital filter stage also offers scope for individual adaptation, whereby the bass and treble frequencies can be adjusted between -2 dB and +2 dB. FE-Dynamics woofers and bass-midrange drivers with ceramic/aluminum cones and distortion-optimized magnet systems are responsible for the solid bass range, while the upper frequency ranges are catered for by fmax tweeters with dual-compound fabric domes and powerful neodymium drives.

Magnat Magnasphere 55



Mit den Standlautsprechern Magnasphere 55 wird drahtloser High-End HiFi-Genuss zur Realität. Das digitale Magnasphere-Funksystem ist absolut störungsresistent und nach nur wenigen Schritten betriebsbereit. Die kompakte, enorm flexible Sendeeinheit ermöglicht die stabile Zuspielung von analogen sowie digitalen Quellen, darunter auch USB-Audio und Bluetooth. Quantum-Technologie lautet das Stichwort bezüglich der hochwertigen Klangreproduktion: Die vollaktiven und DSP-gefilterten 2,5-Wege-Standlautsprecher sind mit zwei 170mm Tönern für eine kraftvolle Tiefton- und Tiefmitteltonwiedergabe ausgestattet. Die 25mm Hochtonkalotte garantiert souveräne Detaillierung bis in die höchsten Frequenzbereiche und ist mit einer Bandbreite bis 50.000 Hz auch exzellent für hochauflösendes Audio-Material geeignet. Mit einer Gesamtausgangsleistung von maximal 180 Watt pro Lautsprecher ist auch die Beschallung größerer Räume problemlos möglich.


Type luidspreker
Actief, 2,5 weg, vloerstaand
Frequentie bereik
24-50000 Hz
2x 180 Watt
320/2750 Hz
Aantal speakerunits
Afmetingen (H x B x D)
955 x 196 x 330
18,4 kg
Zwart, Wit
2 jaar

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