New Omega 380

New Omega 380


High-end active subwoofer for genuine home cinema enthusiastsThe Omega Sub from Magnat has been designed as a real all-rounder and is perfect for a variety of applications and combinations. The tremendously powerful subwoofer, with its generously dimensioned 38 cm chassis, is an ideal partner for fully-fledged floorstanding speakers or compact satellite speakers and it provides a voluminous foundation for acoustic events in the deep bass range, which is of significant importance for the home cinema sector.

Premium chassis and high-power amplifier for optimum performance

An exclusive feature of the Omega Sub 380 is naturally its 380 mm high-power long-throw chassis. The coated and hardened paper cone guarantees a profound, yet faithful reproduction of the lowest frequencies. This high level of precision ensures structures are clearly discernible in the bass range without a trace of reverberation. The chassis is equipped with a Klippel-optimized magnet system, while the ventilated high-performance voice coil ensures maximum operational reliability.
The integrated amplifier generates a maximum output power of 300 watts. The sub is naturally also provided with controllers for the volume, crossover frequency and phase response. A front panel with LED status display facilitates operation. An automatic standby function, which has a very low power consumption, is also available. The supplied remote control, which can be used to switch the subwoofer on and off as well as adjust the volume, is something of a rarity.

Bass reflex coordination and down-firing principle define the housing concept

The Omega 380 subwoofer is accommodated in a sturdy MDF housing with elaborate bracing and operates according to the down-firing principle. The distance to the base plate has been meticulously calculated and this, in combination with the generously dimensioned airflex ports with their low flow resistance, not only results in a particularly deep and precise bass range, but also an elimination of flow noise and unwanted frequency ranges.

Powered bassreflex subwoofer, down-fire
380 mm Woofer
Output power (RMS/Max.)
150 / 300 watts
Frequency Response
17 – 200 Hz
Crossover Frequencies
50 – 150 Hz adjustable
switchable 0°/180°
Dimensions (WxHxD)
458 x 545 x 620 mm
30,5 kg
Cabinet surface
Black textured veneer

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