Quantum 759

Quantum 759 T.O.T.L

Floor-standing speaker, 3-way bass reflex configuration with double bass driver

With maximum power in the bass range, the Quantum 759 “Top of the Line” is the flagship of the Quantum 750 range. With its multiply braced body and extremely low-resonance 45 mm case front, it has a clear and modern design with a perfect quality high-gloss or silk-matt varnish finish. The latest-generation computer-optimized loudspeaker chassis deliver an uncompromisingly clean and dynamic sound.

3 way bass reflex, double bass
25 mm tweeter
170 mm midrange
2 x 8” woofer
Power Handling (RMS / Max.)
280 / 450 Watts
Sensitivity (2.8V/1m)
94 dB
4 – 8 Ohms
Frequency Response
19 – 50000 Hz
Crossover Frequencies
330 Hz / 2.800 Hz
Recommended Amplifier Output
> 30 Watts
Dimensions (WxHxD)
239 x 1211 x 373 mm
32,3 kg
Cabinet surface
Piano Black/Black satin
Piano White/White satin

„NOTE/KLANG/LABOR/PRAXIS: 1,0“, „Spitzenklasse“ und „Preis-Leistung: hervorragend“ – die brandneue Quantum 759 T.O.T.L. räumt im Testbericht der „HiFi Test 06/15“ einiges an Lob ab. Die Redaktion schwärmt: „Magnat hat mit der Quantum 759 T.O.T.L. einen wirklich vorzüglich klingenden Lautsprecher entwickelt, der Musik mit begeisternder Lebendigkeit und viel Feingefühl wiedergeben kann.” Hier geht es direkt zum Testbericht: http://www.magnat.de/media/image/articles/testbericht/de/Quantum_759_HT_6_15.pdf

„GRADE/SOUND/LABORATORY/PRACTICE: 1.0“, „Top Class“ and „Price-performance: excellent“ – the brand-new Quantum 759 T.O.T.L. gets a lot of praise from the German magazine “HiFi Test 06/15”. The editors are raving about it: “With the Quantum 759 T.O.T.L. Magnat have developed a really excellent-sounding speaker that plays music with inspiring liveliness and great sensitivity.”

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