Interior 500 X1

Interior 500 X1

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5.1 home-cinema system with active subwoofer and genuine centre loudspeaker

The particularly efficient system features four satellites, a centre and a subwoofer with a 170 mm long-throw driver. The centre features a horizontal layout with two bass/mid-range loudspeakers, which are supported by a dome tweeter with fabric cone and a short horn that channels the sound. Shielded double magnet systems have been used to drive the low/mid-range loudspeakers, which have also been equipped with particularly light long-fibre paper cones that consequently are responsible for the good internal damping in these loudspeakers.

The loudspeakers are supplied with three feet for shelf installation, which may be used to adjust their vertical angle, as well as two wall-mounting systems that also enable individual horizontal alignment when the loudspeakers have been fitted on walls.