Omega Sub 30A

Omega Sub 30A


Active subwoofer with a 300 mm bass driver and perfectly coordinated high-performance power amplifier

The Omega Sub 30A is driven by a 320 watt high-performance power amplifier and covers an incredible low-bass bandwidth that ranges from 200 to 20 Hz – which is infinitely adjustable between 200 and 50 Hz.

The downfire case design enables the subwoofer to deliver a bass that in relation to its external dimensions is very deep and powerful. The reason: the cone surface area has been fitted at a very small and precisely defined distance from the floor in the solid and low-resonance case. The solid baffle and base plate have been varnished several times to create a high-gloss piano finish and provide the elaborate technical configuration with an equally outstanding look.

Powered bassreflex subwoofer, down-fire
300 mm Woofer
Output power (RMS / Max.)
160 / 320 watts
Frequency Response
20 – 200 Hz
Crossover Frequencies
50 – 200 Hz adjustable
switchable 0°/180°
Dimensions (WxHxD)
330 x 535 x 450 mm
23.6 kg
Cabinet surface
Piano black/ Ash decor black