Shadow 209



Shadow 209

Floorstanding speaker, 3-way bass reflex configuration with three woofers

As the top model in the Shadow series, the Shadow 209 caters for an extremely powerful and emphatic sound with three 170 mm woofers. Outstanding dynamics and a particularly pleasant, authentic sound are generated thanks to the Klippel-optimised construction of the FE-Dynamics bass and midrange drivers, as well as the newly developed 30 mm fmax tweeter with its wide surround and powerful ferrite drive. The amplitude and phase-optimised crossover with its selected, high quality components guarantees maximum precision in processing the various signals.
Available in two different colours with a high gloss baffle, the Shadow floorstanding speaker is suitable for any living environment. The sturdy housing, which has been constructed from E1 MDF wood to ensure low resonance properties, is also equipped with a special airflex port to reduce flow noise.

Price/performance champions with exclusive components and innovative technologyThe new Shadow speaker series has not only been developed using state of the art measurement and simulation equipment, but it also features innovative and exclusive components. A perfect balance between efficiency and an authentic sound performance makes the Shadow series stand out from the crowd in its highly competitive price/performance category.

High-tech components for outstanding performance

High-performance FE-Dynamics drivers are used to reproduce the bass and midrange in the Shadow speakers. The majority of speakers in the series feature two of these drivers, with three being used in the flagship model. Lightweight, specially coated paper cones and non-magnetic, fibre-reinforced ABS cast baskets are utilised to ensure maximum throw and load handling capacity. The ventilated voice coil unit guarantees optimum temperature management in this setup. The construction has been Klippel-optimised to ensure a perfect balance between efficiency and sound performance. This enables the components in the Shadow series to achieve their full acoustic potential with smaller, less expensive amplifiers.
The newly developed fmax tweeter is responsible for the transparent, brilliant and, at the same time, pleasant treble range. With its wide surround, a powerful ferrite drive and a front panel with dispersion-optimised sound guide and effective prevention of edge reflections, outstanding dynamics are inevitable. The frequency range of the new fmax tweeter extends far beyond the usual 20 kHz.

An exclusive housing for exclusive components

E1 MDF wooden panels have been used to create a sturdy and low-resonance housing construction, which almost completely eliminates “standing waves”. In addition, resonance-absorbing rubber feet and metal spikes are also supplied to ensure perfect installation in any living room. All of the speakers in the Shadow series are designed as bass reflex speakers. The overall technical configuration is based on various signal analyses and not just on one frequency or a certain level. This results in absolutely clean bass pulses irrespective of the music genre or the volume level. Magnat´s airflex ports are exclusively used to ensure the prevention of flow noise. These bass reflex tubes with their rounded openings ensure optimum reduction of unwanted background noise.

Acoustics and aesthetics in perfect harmony

The visual impression of the sound transducers in the new Shadow series is as exquisite as the acoustic performance. All of the components are available in two colours and feature a high gloss lacquered baffle. Behind the rugged and removable fabric grille are the speaker baskets and the tweeter flange in a high quality metal finish.

Power Handling (RMS / Max.)
220 / 360 Watts
Sensitivity (2.8V/1m)
92 dB
4 – 8 Ohms
Frequency Response
20 – 48000 Hz
Crossover Frequencies
280 Hz / 3.000 Hz
Recommended Amplifier Output
> 30 Watts
Dimensions (WxHxD)
190 x 1150 x 350 mm
22.5 kg
Cabinet surface
Piano black/ Ash decor black
Piano white, white decor